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Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Congratulations to Savannah Siegrist - she is attending Jacksonville University (FLA) to play NCAA Beach Volleyball!!

SRVC offers a Junior Beach Volleyball Program for girls; we train primarily for beach/sand

Our season begins mid-April and runs through the end of July.

  • Each pool practices 2 times per week. During indoor club season we practice only once a week to avoid conflicts with your indoor practice or tournament schedule. Each practice is approximately two hours.
  • Some practices may be eliminated due to tournament and/or travel needs.
  • Players must be registered with USAV/CHRVA to participate.


We practice in rain and wind because a tourney would be played in those conditions. If lightning is visible, practice needs to be suspended/postponed for 12 minutes from the last visible strike. Thunder is a good cue that lightning strikes are in the area but lightning strikes may be present without thunder. Unfortunately players will have to come to the court to make the determination. If the coach determines that practice is canceled, he will provide as much notice as possible.

We do not practice in sub-50 degree temperatures.

Player Pools, Partners and Tournaments

SRVC groups players into pools based on age and skill level. Each pool has up to 10 players. All SRVC beach players practice with their pool. After the first couple weeks of practice, your coach helps with suitable partnerships for tournaments. Players may team with a different partner for each tournament and is actually highly encouraged. You may partner with a player from any pool or even from another club.

Tournament and Practice Calendar

The SRVC on-line calendar lists local, regional and national beach/sand tournaments. There are grass tournaments available from various organizations; they are not provided on the SRVC calendar. Teams are responsible to register for the tournaments in which they are interested. Your coach can assist in those decisions.

All SRVC Calendars are maintained under Teams. To see the Beach Team Tournament options calendar, click on Teams tab on the top menu and select Beach Team Tournament List from Choose a Team drop-down menu. From the Team page, select Schedule from the left-hand menu. There is a Schedule view and a Calendar view.

To see the practice schedule for a particular team, click on the Teams tab on the top menu and select the team name. From the team page, select Schedule from the left-hand menu.


Ernie Siegrist, who is Beach IMPACT and CAP certified, directs and coaches the SRVC Beach Volleyball Program.

Peter Russell returns this season until June. He is a graduate of PSU where he had an illustrious indoor career. He plays in outdoor open tournaments and indoor international tournaments.

Savannah Siegrist joins the coaching staff this season. She has had an illustrious indoor and outdoor career so far. She has committed to play D1 Beach Volleyball at Jacksonville University (FLA).

Andres Filippi joins the beach coaching staff this season. Andres is a veteran player who still plays indoor and outdoor adult tournaments. He has numerous years of coaching experience. He will be obtaining his Beach IMPACT and CAP certifications.


If you have questions about the SRVC Beach Volleyball Program, contact Ernie Siegrist at

Fees and Registration

The cost of this program is $400 per player and includes instruction and fitness training, facility fees, equipment and SRVC Beach apparel. Full payment is due when you receive notice that you have made a player pool.  No refunds are given for any reason. Tuition does not include tournament fees or travel.


SRVC is a partner with Kids Gone Beach America. KGBA Volleyball is a sports organization with the mission to grow and promote the sport of outdoor volleyball (sand and grass).

SRVC is also partnering with Southern Sand Volleyball Club (Apex, NC), Ohio Valley Beach Club (Cincinnati, OH), Rally Volleyball Club (Emerson, GA) and Hickory Beach Volleyball (Tavares, FL). We plan on participating in their sponsored events through the Summer.