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Flip Flop Culture And Award

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Flip Flops Culture and Award

In honor of our principal founder, Ernie Siegrist, we have instituted the FLIP FLOPS recognition award!  Ernie founded the club in 2011 based on the principles of strong fundamentals and advanced competitive skills while promoting a positive youth sports culture.
Award recipients during camps will be chosen from participating players who consistently show the following characteristics espoused in both drills and conditioning:

Focus - stay in it, focused on what we are doing today, right now
Lead - lead by example, be first to shag a ball, encourage a teammate
Inspire - be the player everyone looks to for energy
Passion - love the game, remember to enjoy it

Fortitude - have the courage to keep trying, even if it's hard, even if you've failed 20 times today
Learn - learn something new from your coaches and teammates every day
Own It - be accountable for your actions and what you learn
Positive - keep positive attitude not only for you but also your teammates
Supportive - be a good teammate, especially when the energy is low, especially when the climb seems too high

Recognition will be celebrated at the end of camp or last practice of the calendar month, the directors, in front of the entire camp/club, will talk about the importance of the qualities the club is recognizing and call the winner to the front.
Recipients will receive a pair of SRVC Flip Flops which we also know are very important to Coach Ernie.  A running List of Award Winners will be kept on the Club Web site.

Our inaugral FLIP FLOP Culture award Ceremony, 2020 Fall Camp