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Master Coaching System

Our Master Coaching System ensures cohesive, quality training across teams

Our coaching philosophy is different than any other club in the area with our Master Coaching System.   Technical Director and former Division I Volleyball College Coach, Joe Bonner is responsible for the overall training protocol.  He brings techniques used by the U.S. National Team, Division 1 Colleges and the top club teams in the country and works with the team coaches to develop and implement our practice and training plan.  The Master Coaching System allows all players and coaches in our club to learn a consistent set of techniques and terminologies that are used throughout the volleyball community. 

Practices are designed by Coach Bonner with a specific focus on skill progression and competitive play.   This philosophy allows all club members to learn a foundational set of skills from footwork, hand skills and on court decision making.  Players can build upon these foundational skills, enabling them to increase their proficiency quickly and potentially play on different teams throughout the club or fill in for a player that may miss a tournament.  This also means that our student-athletes master skills necessary for all positions on the court, allowing players to be proficient in more than one position.

This coaching structure has proven to be efficient and effective.  Each club coach works closely with the master coach to provide feedback about what went well at tournaments including areas needing improvement.  This interaction sets the direction for future practices.

We believe strongly in total conditioning and proper nutrition for our athletes.  We have implemented a training program that incorporates overall fitness, agility, flexibility and strength training into our practices.  This program is specifically designed for volleyball conditioning and includes sessions with a certified yoga instructor. In addition, a certified nutritionist works with our teams to teach proper nutrition and hydration for athletic performance at peak levels.  This includes regular support for balanced, healthful eating habits that provide support for athletic performance now as well as a healthy life in the future.

With SRVC's Master Coaching System, all of our athletes go through the same practice plans and get the same excellent level of training, no matter what team they are on!