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Our Mission

At SRVC, we take great pride in our “Culture of Excellence! Since our inception, we have created traditions that are building a legacy for our future players and teams. We believe that athletes who are passionate, dedicated, talented, and coachable should seek an environment that demands those same qualities in its coaches, players, parents and volunteers.

S: Skill Improvement
R: Respect for All
V: Vigilance
C: Consistency in Excellence and Communication

At SRVC, we take great pride in our “Culture of Excellence!”

SRVC promotes a positive youth sports culture where players enjoy practices and tournaments, remain challenged and consistently improve their skills. Our coaches not only teach players the skills and strategy behind the game, but also a respect for the tradition of the game and all those involved.

We focus on both the personal and athletic development of our athletes, striving to create a positive and effective learning environment where our players achieve individual excellence within a team dynamic. Since our inception, we have strived to create traditions that build a legacy for our club and our players.

"As a smaller, selective club, we are able to provide our players with individualized attention and maintain a positive, family-oriented environment."

In the off-season, we offer clinics and camps to help players improve their skills in specific areas and prepare for tryouts. SRVC also offers a competitive beach volleyball program during the spring and summer months.

Our Unique Master Coaching System

Our coaching philosophy is different than any other club in the area with our Master Coaching System. With SRVC's Master Coaching System, all of our athletes go through the same practice plans and get the same excellent level of training, no matter what team they are on! Read more about it here.

Our Coaches

Our technical and coaching staff boasts over 20 years of collegiate coaching experience. We utilize a proven Master Coaching System that not only focuses on specific volleyball skills development, but also emphasizes and teaches our athletes the importance of overall conditioning and fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Our Technical Director, Joe Bonner, a former Division I Volleyball Coach and recruiter, implements techniques and training strategies utilized by the U.S. National Team, Division 1 programs and top club teams, ensuring a strong fundamental foundation that allows our athletes to excel in competitive tournaments as well as at the high school and collegiate level.

College Recruiting Program

South River Volleyball Club is committed to providing our players with the guidance and tools necessary to navigate the college recruitment process. We provide the following tools and support to our student-athletes through our College Recruiting Program:

  • Our Recruiting Coordinator offers the following 
    • One on one advice during the recruiting process
    • Assistance in identifying the right schools to pursue
    • Connecting with college coaches
    • Assistance in creating profiles on recruiting sites that best showcases skills and ability to college recruiters.
  • College recruiting seminars for SRVC players and parents
  • Access to a members-only resource repository with sample letter and email templates, recruiting checklists, tips and more.
  • Recorded video highlight reels and drill sessions.

We have our first graduating class, Team Storm, that has been involved in the college recruiting process. Some of these girls have been with SRVC since the beginning. The numbers speak for themselves, with 81% of them playing in college we are very pleased with our recruiting process which further emphasizes SRVC's Culture of Excellence!


"Just passing a note letting you know how awesome our experience has been in watching our girls perform so well during this weekend’s MLK Kick Off Tournament. There is such a big difference from last year as we watched in amazement the tremendous growth of each girl.  And it’s only the beginning of the season!  With the assembly of such wonderful talent, especially the seamless integration of new solid team-players, we are now a highly effective winning team who is enjoying the whole volleyball experience!
Coaches Andres, Chad and Kevin are phenomenal! All this could not have been possible without them. Their timely constructive feedback, enthusiastic support, and unique methods to challenge and shape each girl’s development are exceptional. Many of the other parents have shared these same sentiments with us.
Thanks for providing us the opportunity to watch our daughter and her teammates grow in the sport that they love!"  -- The Finch Family

"My daughter has played for SRVC for the last 4 years and our experience has been positive from the very beginning. I have been impressed by the overall coaching strategy which is set in place by our Technical Director and the focus on improving my daughter’s skills as an individual and as a member of her team.
At the first club she played for, I felt as though they just wanted to take our money, that there was no real focus on where my daughter best fit and how her skills could improve. But at SRVC I have always felt that the coaches -- from the Technical Director to the assistant coaches -- have taken the time to get to know my daughter, to leverage and improve the skills she brings to the club and to make her the best player she can be. She has learned the value of hard work; she appreciates the emphasis on building her skills from drills, cross-training, nutrition to team-building activities. My daughter loves SRVC because it feels like a family to her and I believe it is one of the best investments we could make for her!" -- The Sorrells Family

"I am continually impressed by the commitment and dedication of the coaches and board members to the players and their families!The club offers an array of opportunities and services to its members including camps and clinics, one-on-one coaching, college recruiting information, and assistance with college recruiting profiles and videos. They even have a beach volleyball program, which many other clubs don’t offer!" -- The Chew Family